Xenia Avenue Project

The aim of the Xenia Avenue Project is to continue to rebuild and revitalize the lower east side of Dayton, Ohio. Over the years, many individuals, businesses, and organizations have completed projects. As we continue, more locations will be added as projects move forward, each rehabilitation bringing the city one step closer to brighter tomorrows. If you are an existing business, organization, or one that is moving to the area, please reach out to us so we can add you to the site.

Project Area

The Xenia Avenue Project stretches from Keowee St. to Hulbert St. Xenia Avenue is home to many businesses. Multiple buildings are in need of renovations but definitely still full of life. Over the years, headway has been made by companies, organizations, and individuals. We are proud to join the efforts of so many others who work to enrich Dayton’s sense of community. Read below for information on business(es) in the area.

New Businesses

Getting the ball rolling again in a stagnant economy can be difficult, but new companies are joining up for the challenge. Get to know some of your soon-to-be neighbors!

Support Pre-Open Stores

Here’s where you can make a difference. Restoring buildings to a functioning part of the community requires finances. We are not asking for donations but are looking to Pre-Sell goods. Your purchase helps get the business up and operating while at the same time giving value back to you (coffee, donut, lunch). We are dedicated to adding jobs and pride back to the neighborhood, and we need your assistance.

Nearby Non-Profits

Want to help out twice? Support a new business with a purchase, then donate that item to a nearby non-profit organization.

We will handle back end logistics to ensure your donation is successfully delivered to the designated non-profit.

Current Local Businesses

Many famous small shops line Xenia Avenue. Our project gives a special nod of appreciation to all the businesses along the avenue.