600 Xenia Avenue

The old Wellmeier Paint and Hardware building is planned to reopen as a small coffee house café dedicated to a local lady well deserving of a store title.

This building has been around for over 100 years with plenty of history to share, but what once was a thriving place of business is now a vacant building.

Going back in time, this building served as the Wellmeier Hardware Store

During the early 1900’s, Dayton had a thriving middle class as work was available at the time in tool and dye factories. Blue collar work made up most of the market.

Dayton saw great growth in the 20’s and 30’s as companies came in after the Wright Brothers help put the town on the map as the Birth Place of Aviation.

As time passed, the mid-1900’s brought new lighted signs and outside paint, but the store eventually closed. The Dayton area, once full of life, grew large vacancies when work left.

The building is being renovated to become a coffee shop with two living quarters located above. The project is an expensive one with quotes coming in over $200,000. But, the point of this project is to go that extra mile to save and restore. Keeping Dayton history alive is one of the goals of the XAP. Please visit our online store to support the future coffee shop.

Coffee Club Memberships are being sold whereby, upon opening of the store, members are eligible to receive weekly coffee, donuts, and lunches.

Love Dayton, but are unable to use a membership? Give the gift of coffee to one of our local charities helping in the neighborhood. Teachers, administrators, and volunteers love coffee!

Renovations Underway

December 2020

January 2021

Obviously, opening is months away, but bills for the renovation are piling up now. Financial support is necessary for this project to fly, so please visit our shop to see all options available.